Thursday, November 20, 2008

SOA Governance, Registry, Repository ... 3 years later

A lot has happened since my post on SOA Registry & Repository 3 years ago.

In 2006, there were major acqusitions such as Mercury/Systinet and later Mercury itself by HP. BEA bought Flashline and that became AquaLogic Repositroy. Now, BEA is part of Oracle.

IBM acquired Datapower, but decided to build its own Registry & Repository and bundled Rational Asset Manager for metadata management. Now, they are delivering a new product for Web Services security policy management.

Finally, AmberPoint's go-to-market strategey seems centered on the partner channel/OEM.

Vendors continue to enahnce products with new features and integration with other products (i.e. CCMDB for automated operations & management)...

In most cases, they fall short of delivering a solution. Even after a year, customers have difficulty to opertionalize the solution!

Fundamentally, most of the conversations with customers are product centric. Implementations are tool-driven with little or no understanding of the big picture at the client's side and requirements. There is little or no guidance/enablement around governance process design, transition/roadmap, and integration with customers' software development methodology, operational model, and existing tools...

Vendors should be very proactive on this issue to maintain that "trusted relationship" with customers.

A lot of value can be delivered and demonstrated through these solutions especially by capturing SOA governance metrics (i.e. ratio of service reuse) and operational metrics such as SLA... As customers try to figure out how to cut costs (i.e. consolidation), they can rely on these tools to provide some of the key metrics to help make the right decisions.

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