Monday, December 08, 2008

Socializing service reuse

SOA repository is the technology enabler for asset reuse. During design time, project teams search the repository for scheduled and published services to determine whether any asset can be integrated and assembled into their solution without building it.

Several scenarios may happen:

1 - The service is found in the repository and can be readily reused
2 - The service is found in the repository, but the consumer has to wait until it is available
3 - The service is found in the repository, but requires change (minor -> major)
4 - The service is available, registered, but couldn't be found in the repository
5 - The service is available, but not registered so it couldn't be found

There are different solutions to the problems above. At the end, it is the job of the SOA CoE to socialize reuse and promote services. The rate and level of reuse is a function of organizational complexities (i.e. culture, CoE model, process) as well as development approach (prescriptive and formal unified process vs. highly interactive agile methods).

Also, as teams collaborate on service production and consumption, they engage in frequent social interactions. Repository vendors should look beyond basic collaboration support (i.e. notification, workflow) and integrate social computing capabilities in their solutions to generate excitement and overall vitality, enhance productivity & knowledge which should facilitate and contribute to more effective reuse.

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